Identity declaration.

Ажурирано пре 1 недеља

Execute commands remotely in a secure way

Ажурирано пре 1 месец

The GRUB2 signing extension are some scripts which help you to verify, sign and unsign your GRUB2 bootloader files using GPG.

Ажурирано пре 5 месеци

Check whether the GRUB2 is signed and create a file (an i3status implementation idea).

Ажурирано пре 7 месеци

Show an owner when grub is booting up

Ажурирано пре 11 месеци

A PAM module that protects sensitive data and provides a panic function for emergency situations. Authentication through passwords or removable media.

Ажурирано пре 1 година

A little github to launchpad releaser helper script

Ажурирано пре 1 година

It generates a QR code (or a string) to verify OMEMO fingerprints.

Ажурирано пре 1 година

For micropoc: Takes the XML file and generates a vCard (makes sense for Android and stuff)

Ажурирано пре 2 година

Ажурирано пре 2 година

Doing/learning some stuff with chiptune. Please disregard.

Ажурирано пре 2 година

A little psychedelic art program running with JavaFX

Ажурирано пре 2 година

An IRC bot written in python for paging someone over e*cityruf using mail.

Ажурирано пре 3 година

Sends the frenchy (10h a day) decimal time to stdout

Ажурирано пре 4 година