Identification declaration, gpg signed.
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Identification - Part 1

For reading part 1, see the content of my keybase profile.

Summary of part 1:

  • I do have a github account named

  • I do have control over the websites of with all its subdomains and are able to change their DNS settings.

  • I do have a Bitcoin address

    • 1N5xBHpDjBVjSj8CmmfYqrC1NNVKm1sKKj

Identification - Part 2

Or: Accounts which keybase doesn’t verify automatically yet

I, Bandie [E2D7876915312785DC086BFCC1E133BC65A822DD], hereby claim the following statements:

  • I do have a GPG fallback key. It will be published if the key above is not accessible anymore. The fingerprint will be
    • F261A3459244B3CE3D52FC984ABE171733163AA8

(The following list is sorted by preference.)

Identification - Part 3

Excluding possible false identities

Any accounts that you witness using the name

  • “Bandie”
  • “bandie”
  • or any minor alteration of the names stated above that are not listed here

should assumed to be as fraudulent accounts operated by an imposter.

This document is signed by GPG and will be published at the following internet locations:

This document is kept up-to-date and was last updated at

Fri, 09 Nov 2018 15:03:43 +0100


P.S.: Thank you, @Sir_Boops, for preparing this document.