Show an owner when grub is booting up
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# Author: Bandie <>
# Copyright: Bandie, 2019, GNU-GPLv3
@echo "Nothing to make. Please run \"make install\"."
@exit 0
@echo "Installing grub-ownership..."
install -vDm 755 etc/grub.d/000_ownership -t "$(PREFIX)/etc/grub.d/"
@echo "Appending not existent config keys..."
./tools/grub_append_cfgkeys -i $(PREFIX)/etc/default/grub
@echo "DONE!"
@echo "Remove grub-ownership..."
rm $(PREFIX)/etc/grub.d/000_ownership
@echo "Removing entries from config file..."
./tools/grub_append_cfgkeys -r $(PREFIX)/etc/default/grub
@echo "DONE!"